like trying to be friends with an evil snail (mouthofbrass) wrote in ml_rpg,
like trying to be friends with an evil snail

January 1 News Update

First off, we hope everyone had a safe holiday season and wish everyone well in the new year!

This isn't the official update. We have elected to change the update schedule so that one chapter and one piece of art will go up each Monday, as opposed to the previous bi-monthly schedule.

That being said, the first chapter of book 5 will be up on Monday, January 4. Until then, I'll be doing some alterations to the site, so if you find things looking wonky at times, please don't worry. It's just me tweaking things. :)

I do apologize for the sudden change in scheduling and hope that it isn't an inconvenience for anyone. Please check the site on Monday for the chapter update!
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