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February 1 update

I am so, SO sorry for this update, you guys have no idea. The day I had intended to sit down and take care of everything, my back went out and I could barely move. And then my computer died. And it has just been one thing after another. So there's only one chapter and one picture, but I am going to try really REALLY hard to make up for it on the fifteenth. ;;;;

New Content:
The Story: Book 5, chapter 4
Art Gallery: One picture by Niko in "book 4"
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Okay, sorry guys. The weekly update experiment isn't working out and we're going to go back to the regular update schedule. And because this week just got really hectic, the next update will be on February 1.

I really apologize for all the oscillation. Hopefully things will settle back into a routine again soon.
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January 11 update

Niko was out of town a lot of last week, so we don't have a picture for this update. But there is a new chapter, and we'll try to have some more stuff ready for next week.

New Content:
The Story: Book 5, chapter 2
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January 4 update

Here is the promised update! (It is a little late because I overslept. orz)

You will notice the layout and organization of the art page have changed. I hope it will make navigation a bit easier. From now on, when art is uploaded, I'll include in parentheses which category it was added under.

New Content:
The Story: Book 5, chapter 1
Art Gallery: One by me (in Book 5)
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January 1 News Update

First off, we hope everyone had a safe holiday season and wish everyone well in the new year!

This isn't the official update. We have elected to change the update schedule so that one chapter and one piece of art will go up each Monday, as opposed to the previous bi-monthly schedule.

That being said, the first chapter of book 5 will be up on Monday, January 4. Until then, I'll be doing some alterations to the site, so if you find things looking wonky at times, please don't worry. It's just me tweaking things. :)

I do apologize for the sudden change in scheduling and hope that it isn't an inconvenience for anyone. Please check the site on Monday for the chapter update!
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Update issues

Just a heads up that the first January update will be several days late. I'm not sure yet when it'll be up exactly, but rest assured, I'll post the regular notice here.

I apologize for the inconvenience. The holidays took more out of me than I thought, and Niko has been busy as well.