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murphy's law
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Murphy's Law began in spring of 2002. It started out as an original online roleplaying game involving only a handful of characters, many of whom are no longer used in the context of the RPG, set on a bleak, far-distant future earth, with a fantastic, ancient past. Themes have included not only Murphy's Law, but also reincarnation, spirituality, the purpose and boundaries of technology, and the nature of the universe and of life. The game has seen many changes, variations and many, many new characters over the years. This novelization is not a chronicle of the whole game-- that would take way too much time and space to try to make sense of, let alone amass on this web-space.

The content of these novels focuses on one, totally new version of the Murphy's Law story. In this version, the first to be posted on the internet that is not based on roleplaying script logs, we will attempt to explore new possibilities.

+ two new chapters every update +
+ new and exclusive artwork +
+ audio accompaniments/audio plays +
+ and more +

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